212 Foundation

212 foundation

The 212 Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Organisation established with one single goal in mind and that is to be the change we would like to see in Africa.

The change we would like to be and see is more Africans collaborating, more Africans living purpose driven lives, more Africans having sufficient resources and more Africans appreciating and celebrating life.


Paramount to the success of the 212 Foundation is the implementation and sustainability of two community programs:

The ISS program and the C3 Program.

C3 is a community program with a focused objective to connect people to people, to connect people to purpose and to connect people to resources.

Here, we align talented and hard working people to Practicing Professionals (people to people), we also share (formal and informal platforms) tools and strategies which people can use to establish their purpose in life, discover their God given talents and live a life that is complete and fulfilling (people to purpose), lastly we actively seek the help and assistance from the Public and Private Sectors to provide specific resources that in many instances will enable the talented and the hard working people to get to the next level in their lives (people to resources).


Our Foundation has been blessed with dozens of educated and experienced professionals whose lives represent possibility and whose intentions are to enable the success of other fellow South Africans. These are people who volunteer their time and knowledge and have committed to enter into a Mentorship relationship with at least 1 individual per year.

We target one community at a time and use local Radio Stations and our ISS school program as platforms to find the people who are using what they have to get ahead but desperately need assistance or a little boost to get to the next level in their journey of progress.

Equally important to the success of the 212 Foundation is living and spreading the “I’m Still Standing Ideology”. When you say “I’m Still Standing” you are saying that you choose to celebrate everything that is right in your world in spite of the many things that are wrong; it is choosing a mindset of conscious appreciation over one of lack and desperation.

Here, our focus for now is the Youth of South Africa specifically learners who are in Grade 11 and below and we use this program to help young people at schools to recognize what their core strengths are and to use those very strengths to become successful and significant.


Our drive is to challenge the youth to empower the youth, we are trying in some way to get the youth to make the problems of the nation their own, to take responsibility for finding solutions that will have a micro and macro effect. And as a reward for doing so they receive national recognition, they get to experience the fulfillment of being significant, they get to go to Disney World, they receive a Mentor whose expertise is aligned to their personal dreams and aspirations and they receive assistance in the provision for their tertiary education.

We follow a 7 Step Process:

  1. School Interventions (High Impact, Fun & Engaging) Very Strong Metaphor
  2. DVD Distribution
  3. Launch Competition to Disney World
  4. Get Nominated
  5. Become an Ambassador
  6. Ambassador Bootcamp
  7. C3 Integration
    1. Mentor 
    2. Launch Legacy Program during Grade 12
    3. Post Matric Readiness Program
    4. Tertiary Education

What does this mean for our Communities

  1. On average we impact about 30 Schools per year which is usually a total of approximately 60 000 learners
  2. The grooming of 90 Ambassadors every year who each receive a mentor that has achieved Professional Status in the very industry the learner is aspiring towards
  3. The mentorship program for the learners commences in Grade 12 and all mentors have committed to at least a 12 month relationship to assist them in completing Grade 12 and successfully enrolling at a Tertiary Institution
  4. The Foundation and Mentors actively assist in the canvassing and applying for funding for tertiary education on behalf of the Ambassadors
  5. The Ambassadors will not only receive national recognition but also international exposure during the Ambassador bootcamp
  6. Members of the community participating in the C3 program will also be connected to Practicing Professionals in their industries
  7. Talent will be identified within the communities and people who are already using their gifts and talents and putting in the effort will be connected to the necessary resources to propel them to the next level of their journey to significance
  8. Celebrating gifts and talents, having a mindset of conscious appreciation, striving to live purpose driven lives NOMAKANJANI will all be entrenched in the schools of Africa and over the next 10 - 20 years, words of celebration, appreciation, determination and purpose will become part of the vernacular that everyone in Africa will speak fluently.

We believe at this point that our programs are well structured and adequately set up to achieve outstanding results, to this end we have deliberately left out a substantial amount of detail in this document in attempt to protect some of the unique concepts, processes, research and stories that form an integral part of our programs.

We would however welcome the opportunity to meet with you as a potential partner/contributor/mentor to discuss the programs in more detail.

If you believe that our programs are worth while then we humbly ask that you consider partnering with us as we embark on this journey to be the change we would like to see in Africa.


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