Meet the CEO

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Quinton Douman is from Eldorado Park, Johannesburg, and is the Managing Director of 212 Business Consulting, the lead facilitator for the Resolve Leadership Program and the facilitator for the 212 Foundations' I'm Still Standing Youth Initiative.


He is a certified corporate speaker with the International Association of Corporate Speakers (IACS). Like many speakers such as Zig Ziglar, Larry Wilson, Steve Siebold and Brian Tracy, Quinton was trained at the Bill Gove School of Professional Speaking and is one of only two South Africans to graduate from the Bill Gove speech course.


Quinton's other accomplishments include;

 - Before beginning his entrepreneurship journey, he was the Head of People Development & Key Accounts for a blue chip company in the Financial Services industry in South Africa.

 - Established his expertise as a Training & Development practitioner.

 - Recognised as a Level 1 facilitator by Worls View Consulting International.

 - Is a Gordon Institute of Business Science graduate.

 - Studied the science of decision making at Stanford University and has included new decision making insights & research to all of 212 Business Consulting's personal development programs.

 - Has led & managed high performance training & development teams that have delivered learning solutions for sales organisations thoughout South Africa


Quinton is a very grateful man & believes that the spirit of gratitude & the skill of conscious appreciation is the answer to many of life's challenges. He is husband to Liesl Douman, father to Demi Douman,& his entire existence is defined by the belief that he is unconditionally & eternally loved by God.