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Greatness Activation Nomakanjani
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212 Business Consulting offers integrated learning solutions to individuals and organisations in the form of Training, Development and Coaching.
We offer programs specifically designed to raise the performance of those who are in Leadership, Management and/or sales roles.
We do comprehensive consulting with clients and potential learners in the form of thorough Business Needs Analyses, Behavioural Assessments and Psychometric testing to ensure that all learning and development solutions are aligned to personal strengths and business objectives to address knowledge and skill deficiencies that have a direct correlation with Key Performance Activities. We are confident enough to make an unshakeable promise of high impact interventions that will translate into a guaranteed Return on Investment. When you make the decision to meet with a 212 Representative for the first time it will be because you are willing to take a risk, but when you agree to the subsequent meetings it will be because you have found a company that will not let you down.
212 Business Consulting is a Level 1 BEE contributor.